Why Arizona CBD and Hemp

Arizona CBD & Hemp is an online marketplace currently with a goal to bring a physical location to Phoenix, AZ in 2019. We want to carry only the best quality CBD and Hemp products in our online store. Our goal is to educate our buyers and also create education through all the we do. We want to help people in Arizona understand the benefits of CBD and Hemp products and how they can be used as natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medications. Be sure to also check out our meetup every month which we are rotating through the valley https://www.meetup.com/Arizona-CBD-Hemp-Meetup

Why You Should Buy from Arizona CBD and Hemp

Arizona is becoming one of the hot spots for buying Cannabidiol Oil in the Southwest. Places like Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Tucson are getting increasingly popular with almost a dozen shops coming up. Purchasing CBD oil in Arizona is more or less the same as buying other dietary supplements online or from the health food shops.

The main reason for this trend is that the CBD as a non-psychoactive hemp which has no traces of THC.

A Short History of CBD Oils in Arizona

Sometimes in 2010, the Proposition 203 was passed in Arizona with an objective of carrying out more research and exploration on the product. The bill went further to allow Arizona residents to consume cannabis for medical purposes.

However, the bill met with stiff resistance from the lawmakers until 2014 when a judge in Arizona ruled in favor of medical marijuana products. Later that year, President Barack Obama signed the Farm Bill Law of 2014 that gave a green light to industrial hemp research. With the growing research on the product, Arizona residents are increasingly becoming curious to know more about CBD oils and its benefits.

Where Can One Buy CBD Oil in Arizona?

You can buy CBD oil both online and in the retail markets. With several products on the market, we, therefore, encourage you to learn more about the best products that can be of great benefit to you. We are one of the numerous online retailers dealing primarily with CBD oil and Hemp products and we are more than willing to provide you with the necessary information regarding the safe usage and benefits of CBD oil. 

The misconception regarding hemp has always been a setback to carrying out extensive research on the drug. In fact, CBD use is normally regulated because some companies go-ahead to extract the CBD oil from marijuana instead of hemp.

With our online transaction, we specialize in the following CBD oil products in Arizona:

  • Oral drops- Taken under the tongue
  • CBD for vaping-it is a quick way to deliver to the bloodstream
  • Cream for topical use- It is applied for body soreness
  • Edibles- taken as a dietary supplement

We are simply The Best in Arizona!

With our diverse selection of the products, affordable prices, and excellent customer services, we stand out from the rest.

Why Choose Arizona CBD and Hemp?

Our #1 goal is to educate with our business, to share information about CBD and Hemp and how they can help our overall health.  We organized a Meetup group specifically for this to enlighten the entire community in Arizona around CBD and Hemp. Visit our meetup here to learn more about upcoming events https://www.meetup.com/Arizona-CBD-Hemp-Meetup/

Our primary concern is giving our best to help you realize the great benefits that come with CBD oil. For newcomers, we educate them on the health benefits that CBD and Hemp can bring to your life. Our online CBD products have a range of milligrams from our CBD tincture oils all the way to our capsules and vaping varieties. Consumers buy hemp derived CBD products but the quality offered could be, unfortunately, not up to standard. However, the major challenge for you when purchasing these products is finding the reliable seller and company that specialize in producing and selling pure and top quality CBD oil products. With us, your challenge is over, we have already done a lot of research and have found products that we know are high-quality.

Where is the Source for The Raw Materials?

Most of the plants that cannabinoid is extracted from are bio-accumulators. This implies that they absorb a number of compounds and other elements from the soil where they grow. The main reason as to why we strive to know where the plants are grown is to determine the level of contaminants so you don’t get exposed to harmful chemicals and other lethal elements. We always insist on products whose source is well known. As a matter of fact, we place our emphasis on plants grown free of artificial fertilizers and other agro-chemicals because your health is our greatest concern. We take pride and care in what our customers purchase from us as a way to ensure that they stay healthy and safe.

What is the type of potency in the cannabinoid product?

It is vital that you know the kind of potency in the products that you are consuming as a part of health routine. This is important because some of the products might be containing high concentrations of psychoactive THC, which is known to alter the well-being of the user. We sell non-psychoactive, no-THC products in our online store that do not require a medical marijuana card to purchase. 

What is the quality?

It is prudent that the CBD products undergo testing to make sure that no foreign materials are present. All of our vendors have gone through this rigorous process to help make sure that their products are of the highest quality. This is why we only sell products that are certified by vendors with independent accredited laboratories for safety and quality concerns.

Common Uses of CBD

Based on the 2013 review of CBD published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, it is evident that CBD has the following properties that make it suitable for medical use:

CBD acts as an anticonvulsant-It is helpful to those affected by seizures,

– As an antipsychotic-Controls psychosis disorder,

– It is an anti-inflammatory-Help in alleviating inflammation.

– Powerful antioxidant-Treats neurodegenerative conditions,

– Fights cancerous cells-Used in the treatment of cancer-related problems,

– Used as an antidepressant-Treats anxiety as well as depressive disorders.

Our Main Objective

To give a safe haven for our customers where they are able to enjoy and experience beneficial aspects of our services and staying healthy in a peaceful environment.

We value honesty and integrity above everything else.

Arizona CBD and Hemp is an online distributor of high-quality CBD and Hemp products here in Arizona. We want to help educate around the benefits of CBD and Hemp products and how they can be used as natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medications. Be sure to check out our local meetup taking place around the valley.

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