Is CBD Legal in Arizona?

Is CBD Legal in Arizona?

Over the years, the demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) has grown tremendously. This is obviously due to the numerous health benefits that are attached to it. However, as with all hemp products, there exist several caveats when it comes to the legality of CBD. As such, many potential users are stuck wondering if indeed the product is legal in their states, and may even miss out on its potential health benefits because of this. With regards to whether CBD is legal in Arizona, the direct answer is YES! However, we have to explore several details so as to show why and how CBD became legal in Arizona. If anything, this is meant to provide more clarity on this matter. These details have been explained below.

What exactly is CBD?

Most people know that CBD is a product extracted from hemp, but know little beyond that. The origin of the Cannabis Sativa plant is traced to Asia, where people discovered that consuming the plant had a funny effect on their senses. Soon, news about the plant spread all over the world and its use became popular, even earning it nicknames such as marijuana, maryjane, and pot. It gradually became loved for its ability to ease pain, reduce anxiety, and generally help one relax. When researchers studied the plant, they discovered it was composed mainly of two elements: CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Difference between CBD and THC

Researchers soon discovered that THC was the intoxicating component of marijuana, thus explaining the funny effect that users got after ingesting or smoking marijuana. THC functions by attaching itself to the receptors contained in the body’s endocannabinoid system and consequently stimulating them, resulting in changes to the brain’s normal functions. The stimulation of this receptors is what produces the high’ effect of marijuana. Due to its addictive and psychoactive effects, THC is illegal in most countries.

On the other hand, CBD does not attach itself to your body’s endocannabinoid receptors and thus cannot get you high. Scientists soon discovered that of the two components, CBD was the one responsible for the health benefits of marijuana.

Benefits of CBD

When you consider the benefits of CBD, you will realize that it has rightly earned its fame. Its benefits can be described as endless, seeing as a new one seems to be discovered every other day. Its health benefits include:

  • It acts as a pain reliever. Studies have shown that CBD can be used to relieve chronic pain as it interacts with neurotransmitters, impacts endocannabinoid receptor activity and reduces inflammation.

  • It can be used to treat anxiety and depression. CBD has been found to contain anti-depressant properties and as such, can be used as a natural treatment for mental illnesses such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

  • It alleviates cancer-related symptoms. As indicated earlier, CBD can act as a natural pain reliever. It also helps control other chemotherapy side effects such as vomiting and nausea.

It is benefits such as these that have served to increase CBD’s popularity.

Laws surrounding CBD

Despite CBD being some sought of health superhero, most people were still reluctant to explore its use. This has been attributed to the fact that it is closely linked to THC, which is illegal in most countries and states. The subject of its legality has therefore for a long time been rather murky.

In 2014, the U.S assented to the Agricultural Act of 2014, also known as the 2014 Farm Bill made it legal for several designated farms to grow industrial hemp for medicinal and academic purposes. The same was reflected in other parts of the world, as more and more countries seek to explore, albeit in a thoroughly regulated manner, the benefits of industrial hemp.

Despite this law being in place, CBD stores are still often raided and products confiscated in the U.S. It is hoped that the 2018 Farm Bill will serve to smoothen out all the frayed edges of the legality of CBD in the U.S.

Conditions on the legality of CBD

While CBD is generally legal, any CBD that has not met the following conditions is deemed illegal:

  • Has to have been obtained from legally grown industrial hemp containing a maximum of 0.3% traces of THC.

  • Should have been obtained from hemp’s mature stalks, oil, or stalk fiber. All these components do not form part of the legal definition of marijuana.

So basically, it is legal to buy CBD in Arizona provided it has met the above conditions.

The Future of CBD in Arizona

Anyone who is interested in investing in CBD can safely get excited about it. Despite the general enthusiasm having moved from fearless enthusiasm to tactful enthusiasm, it is impossible to ignore the numerous benefits of CBD that are backed by successful tests and studies. There definitely is a great future for CBD and its health benefits cannot be ignored. What’s more, the compound is natural, which cannot be said of most supplements and medicines. In Arizona, CBD has been legal since a 2014 ruling asserting its medicinal treatments for epilepsy. Since then, more courts have ruled in its favor and additionally, more studies have been conducted affirming that indeed, CBD offers us an endless list of health benefits. For lack of a better word, it would be mindless to remain shrouded in the stigma that surrounds Cannabis and miss out on the natural benefits of CBD.

Where to buy CBD

We would hope that you choose Arizona CBD and Hemp as your go to place to buy CBD products. We want to provide great education for people here in Arizona as well as community around CBD and Hemp.

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