Dosage Suggestions

We want our customers to know that each person is different and the required dosage is unique to your own body. What we recommend is starting out with a slot titration approach meaning that you start by taking a smaller dosage and taking it in the early morning when you wake up and also at night before bed. After about 5 days you can increase the dose if you feel that you are not meeting the relief you are seeking. Remember that as you increase the dose, your body will start to respond to it. You may notice that anxiety and stress are normally the first things your will notice and then pain receptor reaction that help in reducing pain.

A word of caution: in very rare situations, some people may experience a drop in blood pressure while others may see an increase. CBD influences modulatory functions including cardiovascular health and balance. We recommend consulting with a physician if you experience a change in your blood pressure.

Dosage Guide & Suggestions

100mg - 3.3mg per dropper
250mg - 8.5mg per dropper
300mg - 10mg per dropper
500mg - 17mg per dropper
600mg - 20mg per dropper
1,000mg - 33mg per dropper
1,500mg - 50mg per dropper
2,000mg - 66mg per dropper
2,500mg - 83mg per dropper
4,000mg - 133mg per dropper
6,000mg - 200mg per dropper