CBD Benefits

CBD Oil Benefits

People have long believed in the health benefits of CBD oil. These include:

  • Anti-Cancer Activity
  • Anxiolytic Effects
  • Reduce Autism Outbursts
  • Minimize Treatment-Resistance Seizures
  • Analgesic Properties
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • Natural Antidiabetic Agent
  • Psoriasis Relief

In recent years, scientific research on the topic has increased, with many findings supporting some of the traditional CBD (hemp oil) benefits. So, what exactly what is CBD used for? Below, we take a look at the top CBD medical uses.

CBD Oil Cancer Research

Preliminary in vitro and animal research notes that using CBD oil for cancer treatments may provide positive results. Researchers have found when CB1 and CB2 receptors are activated by CBD, they release antigens that can inhibit cancer cell migration, adhesion, and invasion.11

For example, a study to understand the interaction between CBD oil and cancer cells in animal subjects found that CBD inhibited the growth and metastasis of certain tumors. The research also suggests that “cannabinoids might be synergistic with radiation therapy as well as with chemotherapy”.10

While research into CBD treatment of cancer is ongoing, the concept is gaining credibility within the medical community.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

Many people report that when they use CBD oil, anxiety diminishes. In one study, subjects with generalized social anxiety disorder (SAD) were given either a placebo or 400mg of CBD. Both subjective and quantifiable tests on limbic and paralimbic brain areas showed that the subjects who received the CBD had reduced symptoms of SAD.12

Another preliminary study found a correlation between CBD and reduced symptoms of anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).13

CBD Oil and Autism

There are numerous anecdotal reports of parents using CBD oil for autism. The common experience is that CBD benefits children with autism by calming them during stressful or “triggering” moments.

To date, there is no published research on CBD oil autism treatment. However, several major clinical studies and trials are underway. Some of the research includes using CBD oil for ADHD and determining the ideal CBD oil dosage for children.

CBD Oil for Seizures

As medical marijuana becomes legal in more jurisdictions, more parents of children with epilepsy are turning to CBD oil. Many anecdotal reports say that with CBD oil, seizures are minimized.

11% of respondents reported complete freedom from seizures after using CBD-rich cannabis.14

Research into CBD oil and seizures offers early support for these self-reports. A 2013 clinical survey investigated the use of CBD products in children with treatment-resistant epilepsy. After receiving CBD-rich cannabis, 84% of the subjects experienced a reduction in seizure frequency.14

Observations by the parents of the subjects also included increased alertness, improved mood, and better sleep.14

CBD Hemp Oil for Pain

Pain relief is possibly the most common use of hemp CBD oil. There is an abundance of anecdotal evidence that indicates using CBD oil for pain is quick, effective, and non-addictive.

What does CBD help with exactly? People report using CBD oil for migraines, post-trauma pain, recovery from surgery, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia pain, multiple sclerosis, and Lyme disease.

In a 2012 animal study, CBD suppressed chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain without creating a tolerance in subjects. Researchers found that CBD interacted directly with pain receptors involved with chronic pain, not just endocannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2.15

CBD Oil for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

A clinical study into the CBD oil effects on symptoms of IBD yielded encouraging results.

Researchers found that CBD may aid proper function of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPARG) sites, which regulate fatty acid storage and glucose metabolism.16,17 The disruption of these metabolic processes is implicated in IBD, making cannabidiol oil an attractive alternative treatment for gastrointestinal conditions.16

CBD Oil for Diabetes

CBD has been theorized to influence immune responses that affect the production of insulin.18

Known for its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD oil has been researched for its use in diabetes. In a 2006 animal study, researchers found that CBD reduced the incidence of diabetes developing in non-diabetic obese (NOD) subjects. Of the subjects who didn’t receive treatment, 86% developed diabetes.18

CBD Oil for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease. The hyper-proliferation of epidermal keratinocyte (type of skin cell) plays a role in its manifestation.19


Research into treatments for this chronic ailment found that cannabinoids, including CBD, can inhibit keratinocyte proliferation.19 That finding lends credibility to anecdotal reports that using a topical cream made with CBD oil helps eliminate the visible symptoms of psoriasis.